We don't know who is spreading HIV in Edmonton. And neither do they.

We don't know who is spreading HIV in Edmonton.And neither do they.

HIV is on the rise in Edmonton. HIV is on the rise in Edmonton.

HIV is on the rise in Edmonton.

Global HIV rates are down—yet more and more Edmontonians are getting HIV. So if you thought HIV was old news, well, it's not.

the One Question quiz

Have you fucked without a condom since your last test?

Yes, I fucked without a condom.
Open Condom No, I have not fucked without a condom.

Cast your vote!

If you answered yes, you don't actually know your HIV status.
Thing is, that's a common answer. With that many guys unsure of their status, it's no wonder HIV is on the rise.

Fuck Condoms Get Tested
Fuck Testing Get a Condom

Take your pick.
Both keep you safe from HIV.

Mouth #1 Mouth #2 Mouth #3 Mouth #4 Mouth #5 Mouth #6 Mouth #7 Mouth #8

Stop the Spread of HIV
with your

The mouth is a wonderful thing—especially when it's talking about HIV. Start talking openly about HIV and get your friends to put their mouths to work too. Healthier communities start with conversations.

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What are you doing Wednesday night?

Guys Who Are Into Guys Night

Sounds hot. Where can I meet you?

Edmonton STI Clinic: #3B20, 11111 Jasper Avenue

Nice, what time?

Extended evening hours, 6:15-8:15pm

Oooh, you can go for two full hours?

Well, I won't stay the whole time. Just long enough to get tested.

Is "tested" some sort of slang?

Umm, yeah, for an HIV test? I come every few months.

Mmmm, you should come more often.

You're probably right.

Application Background
Don't Stay in the Dark

Don't Stay in the Dark

Okay, here's the part where things get sort of serious.

More and more Edmontonians are getting HIV—yet nobody's talking about it. That's actually a big part of the problem. Many of the people spreading HIV don't even know they're HIV positive, because testing and prevention aren't on their minds. In fact, 21% of Canadians with HIV don't know their status.

Life with HIV today keeps getting more manageable—but it's still not something you'd choose. HIV is no longer a death sentence, but there's no cure. Expect lifelong follow-up with doctors, daily medications—some with undesirable side-effects—and dealing with the stigma people living with HIV still face today.

Some people know they might be HIV-positive but avoid getting tested because they don't want to deal with that reality. This could put your partners at risk—and have a negative impact on your health. Getting diagnosed and starting treatment early can help prevent potential long-term health issues.

So what can you do about it? Start talking about HIV—both with friends and with partners before hooking up. Get tested regularly. And if you or your partner haven't been tested lately, use a condom. It's that simple. Really.

Holes of

Every new dick is a new adventure.

Some are poz. Some are HIV-negative. Most don't actually know their status. Play the game and see what you get!

Click a hole. Get a dick.


Click a hole. Get a dick.

People are spreading HIV with the swipe of a finger.

People are spreading HIV with the swipe of a finger.

Hook ups have never been easier. But when you're about to fuck a stranger, chances are you're not going to talk dirty about HIV status. So protect yourself first—then have some fun.


The more you know about HIV, the better your conversations will be.

The more you know about HIV, the better your conversations will be. The more you know about HIV, the better your conversations will be. The more you know about HIV, the better your conversations will be.
PrEP (noun)

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is the daily use of HIV medication by someone who is HIV-negative to reduce the risk of HIV infection by 90% or more. Although available in Alberta, PrEP can be difficult to access, with cost often presenting a barrier.

Undetectable (adj)

HIV treatment can reduce the amount of the virus in someone's bloodstream to undetectable levels. When someone living with HIV has an undetectable viral load, it can reduce the risk of sexual transmission of HIV by 90% or more, but it doesn't eliminate it.

PEP (noun)

PEP, or post-exposure prophylaxis, is a 28 day regimen of HIV medication taken after a potential HIV exposure to help prevent HIV infection. It must be started within 72 hours. PEP can be accessed by visiting the emergency room but is usually only prescribed under exceptional circumstances.

Poz (adj)

Poz is a slang term a lot of guys living with HIV use to identify themselves. Like anything else though, each person is different and has the right to identify their HIV status as they choose to.

Disclosure (noun)

Under current Canadian law, people living with HIV are required to disclose their HIV status with sexual partners or potentially face legal consequences as severe as imprisonment. Disclosure can be difficult, so be sensitive if someone tells your they're poz.

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